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TATE Product Description

TATE Product Description

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  • Width: 185mm(7.3inch)
  • Height: 235mm(9.6inch)
  • Gusset: 30mm(1.2inch)
  • Weight: 138g (4.9oz)(varies depending on material)

This is a vertical sacoche. The concept is to "put only the bare necessities in it so that you can quickly take out what you want while hiking without hesitation." Because it is vertical, you can adjust the adjuster and pull it up to your chest so that it fits in front of your body, reducing interference with body movements such as swinging your arms and lifting your legs while hiking.

Main pocket

  • Width : 163mm(6.4inch)

TATE has a narrow opening, so there is only one zipper slider.

Belted pocket

  • Width: 95mm(3.7inch)
  • Height : 148mm(5.8inch)
  • Gusset: 8-15mm(0.3-0.6inch)


A pocket with a belt for storing frequently used items such as smartphones. The front is equipped with a belt (daisy chain) with two loops connected together, so you can attach light items such as bear bells, your favorite key chains, and sunglasses.

Zipper pocket

  • Width: 74mm(2.9inch)
  • Height: 95mm(3.7inch)

The front zippered pocket is convenient for storing cards, bills, coins, etc.

Candy Pocket

  • Width: 90mm(3.5inch)
  • Height : 110mm(4.3inch)
  • Gusset: 8mm-20mm(0.3-0.7inch)

The front is equipped with a mesh pocket. It is convenient to put frequently used items such as candy, tablets, sunscreen, insect repellent, eye drops, etc. in it.

Back pocket

Maps and other items can be inserted vertically.

Shoulder belt

  • 25mm(1inch) center part 490mm(19inch)
  • Overall maximum length 1170mm(46inch)

The center is made of soft nylon tape 25mm wide. It reduces the burden on the shoulders when the weight increases or during long-distance vertical hikes. The image is of YOKO. The shoulder belt specifications of YOKO and TATE are the same.

*Updated from spring 2024

Option Code

You can use it in various ways by utilizing the four eyelets on the top of the main body.

Care and storage instructions

If a thread comes loose where a stitching is sewn, do not pull on it. Instead, burn it with a lighter and press the melted part with your finger to stop it from fraying any further.

This sacoche is made of laminated and coated materials. It is vulnerable to moisture, so after use, dry it in the shade and store it in a well-ventilated place.

If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly.

*Depending on the material, wrinkles may occur during the manufacturing process. Also, chalk markings may remain.

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